New Wave Of Attacks On Trade Unions Tries To Restrain Mobilisation For The 18 October Mass Demonstra

New wave of attacks on trade unions tries to restrain mobilisation for the 18 October Mass Demonstration


20071018en The CGTP-IN has asked for a meeting with the Minister for Home Affairs. This meeting will take place today, October 12th, as a result of recent events linked to the Police intervention in trade union activity.


In a Press Conference, the CGTP-IN had already exposed that the government has launched a dangerous wave of attacks against the trade unions. The Police action was not occasional, but, on the contrary, a strategic choice with very clear objectives.

Trying to sow confusion among the Portuguese society, the Prime Minister is aiming to prepare the atmosphere for a negative review of the Labour Code, threaten workers’ rights and reduce worker and people’s labour and social rights.

By creating this radical atmosphere around workers’ protest, the Prime Minister wants to discredit them and, in the short run, restrain workers’ mobilisation for the 18 October Mass Demonstration under the motto “For Social Europe – Jobs with Rights”. But on that date workers’ claims will be heard out loud!