CGTP-IN solidária com OPZZ da Polónia

opzzA CGTP-IN enviou uma mensagem de solidariedade á central sindical polaca OPZZ que organiza, sábado, dia 18 de Abril, uma Manifestação Nacional em Varsóvia, em protesto contra a injusta distribuição da riqueza e o crescente aumento da pobreza e do trabalho precário no país. Abaixo, o texto (em inglês) da mensagem.

Message to OPZZ Demonstration

Warsaw 18 April 2015

Dear Comrades of OPZZ,

On behalf of CGTP-IN and of the Portuguese workers we represent, we extend our fraternal solidarity and wishes of great success to the demonstration you are organising on April 18th in Warsaw.

We fully share the reasons of your protest in a situation in which, as you say, your government is not responding to the OPZZ proposals to change a situation in which only the rich are benefiting from economic growth, with increased poverty for the majority of the population, increased precarious work and growing difficulties for the workers and their families.

In fact, in the majority of the EU countries, workers and peoples are being confronted with very serious obstacles, hardship and problems. In the context of a very deep crisis of capitalism, we are being confronted with a violent offensive against historic economic, social and labour rights, with the "European Social Model" under very severe attack, from governments and big capital.

This situation is leading to very rapid increase in inequalities. The main cause is the domination of pro-capital governments by big financial and speculative capital. This has systematically and abusively favoured big capital to the detriment of the workers and poorer layers of the society. In our countries, day after day, we see thousands and thousands of men and women workers becoming redundant, having precarious work and living in social exclusion and poverty.

In fact, in many EU member states, unemployment and precariousness have reached unbearable levels. Salaries and pensions are losing purchasing power, social and labour rights are weakened or mutilated, retirement schemes are undermined, fiscal

injustice is increasing and there is a strong wave of privatisations and attack against the public services.

And all of this is being done in the name of the so-called austerity policies, and of cutting the deficit and public debt, supposedly to overcome the "crisis".

Dear Colleagues of OPZZ,

We are in fact at a very crucial crossroads. We only have to look at the measures imposed in a large number of EU countries, being particularly violent in countries where IMF, ECB and EU "troikas" have been imposing "bail-out programmes", which are in fact aggression tools on national sovereignty. This is confirmed by the critical developments in Greece, Portugal, Cyprus and Ireland and also with worrying developments in countries like Italy and Spain.

For all these reasons, all across Europe, workers and trade unions must step up their struggles and fight for a clear rupture with these neoliberal policies and with the current EU model. We need to build a different Europe, a Europe of workers and peoples, with social dimension, solidarity and cooperation, with respect for member states' sovereignties and specific interests and needs. We need a Europe with respect for social and labour rights, a Europe of sustainable economic growth, which induces jobs with rights.

In Portugal, our struggle is common to yours. We are fighting against the harsh austerity measures and we are organising many strikes, rallies, demonstrations and diverse protest actions for the resignation of the right wing government and the calling of an early election that may create the conditions for a different path for Portugal, for an alternative that puts and end to exploitation and secures a future of economic and social progress.

Dear Colleagues,

We know of the determination of the OPZZ to protect the rights and interests of the Polish workers and people. We are certain that your demonstration will be massive and will bring the results you desire.

Please accept our fraternal solidarity and friendship